The Arcade Steering Group

‘The Arcade – Dewsbury’ steering group formed in October ’20 with the intention of taking a long lease on the Arcade from Kirklees Council when the refurbishment finishes. We believe such a partnership can give management focus and agility while maintaining the social aims of the Council.

We are bringing together people with the energy and imagination to create a popular Arcade that will never close again. An Arcade that will be a springboard for young entrepreneurs, be a mix of retail, activity and culture, work with other Dewsbury projects and keep the money local.

With support from the Architectural Heritage Fund, Co-operatives UK and the Council itself, we submitted our business plan to the Council  and in January 2022 were made the ‘preferred bidder’ for the lease. 

In November ’23, we completed a successful community share issue gaining 200 shareholder members and raising £125,000 to see us through the start up phase of the business. Every year in September, those members will elect the Board (one-member, one-vote) and determine its strategy, but we want members and volunteers to be regularly involved in the projects, events and policies of the Group

To be successful, our community business needs to develop a positive culture:

– Enterprising and well organised

– Focused on solutions, not problems. No moaning.

– Looking for and listening to other people’s ideas

For the year of the construction contract, the Heritage Fund is supporting us to find out what people want from the Arcade and involve the community. If you’d like to be involved, please get in touch.

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